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Let's Get HESI Specific

Study Guides

HESI questions are on a higher level than practice book questions and it helps to do questions that are HESI-specific. The NCLEX is really on the HESI level and not the Saunder's practice book level. 

You have a HESI after each class and they really are a good gauge of how well you know the material and a good predictor of NCLEX readiness.

The conceptual framework used to develop HESI exams is grounded in classical test theory and critical thinking theory. The creation, administration, and interpretation of tests are accomplished through educational and psychological measurement processes.

Specialty exams are designed to measure the student's ability to apply concepts related to specific clinical nursing content areas. Typically, specialty exams consist of 50 test items. Test blueprints for these exams are developed by HESI nurse educators whose clinical practice area is congruent with the exam being developed. Test items that measure nursing knowledge and competencies within the specific clinical specialty area are selected from the HESI database.


You will be taking the following HESIs:
  1. Dosages
  2. Fundamentals
  3. Adult Health
  4. Maternity
  5. Peds
  6. Psychiatry
  7. Management
  8. EXIT HESI- maybe more than once
Remember the HESI counts for 5% of your grade, and that can sometimes make the difference between passing and failing. But that being said, there is really no way to study for the end-of-class HESIs, you're supposed to know the content by then.

The grade is based on that conversion score.

(yeah, yeah I AM proud of that one)

It can get nerve-racking to have test #3, the final and the HESI all in the same week, but you will survive.

Typical tests are 50 questions long and the questions are weighted. Don't spend too much time on any one question, the next one may be worth more.

You need above an 850 on the course HESIs and a 950 on the exit HESI.

If you do not obtain these scores, you will be sent to remediation. The Evolve site tailors remediation to your specific weaknesses and provides materials that can help you review.

It really helped me before the NCLEX to know that I needed help in basic procedures, especially the order in which things are done because there are drag-and-drop questions on the NCLEX that would have proved difficult for me otherwise.

When I click that 'View Materials' tab, here is a sampling of what is available to me. There are more practice questions available here.

You also print out a PDF file which gives you some useful information if you take time to wade through all 26 pages of it...

Evolve is obviously the main source for HESI practice:

Evolve has a video about the HESI:

There is also an Evolve Facebook page that has NCLEX practice quesitons

They also have a mobile app:

And this is available on iTunes:

I liked this site with free practice exams and the option to sign up for more if you pay

The Exit HESI

There are four versions of the exit HESI and you are given many opportunities to test if you do not pass the first time. In fact, it was only a handful of my class that passed the first time. Do not despair. This is at least the third time I am saying in this blog to worry about passing the final and THEN worry about the HESI. You will pass the exit HESI at some point. It's nice to pass the first time because you are eligible to sit the NCLEX earlier and hence have a license earlier which helps with the job search and signing up for classes should you pursue a BSN. But even people who had to take it two or three times had their licenses within a reasonable time frame.
If you do not pass the first time, remember there is a HESI/NCLEX prep course provided by the school which is extremely helpful (but extremely boring). You are given a prep book as part of the course. I used that and one other HESI-specific book to prepare for the second sitting and it was sufficient. With a week of studying, I managed to raise my score 272 points.

HESI Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination

The exit exam is a 150-item comprehensive exam that is designed for administration near the completion of the curriculum to measure student preparedness for the NCLEX-RN . It is used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the students and the possible need for remediation prior to taking the licensure exam



(or close, I have no idea what happened in 2011, but look at us compared to other schools. And most of us only get 75 questions!)


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